Are there any special techniques that can be used to make food look more appealing in a cooking training course?

In addition to popular tools, basic principles,. It's also important to think in three dimensions, since the height of the food on a plate can also attract diners. Stacking food in layers can be visually appealing and can make the food appear more substantial than it appears to be scattered on the plate. Simple techniques, such as sponging vegetables for salad or layering slices of meat, are simple ways to increase height.

Use sauces to add accents of color to the dish. The garnishes should be relevant to the dish, so avoid using whole sprigs of rosemary. Spices and herbs on the edge of the plate should be avoided, however, the discreet use of chopped herbs that are relevant to the dish is fine to add color to the composition. It's time to bring back those memories of elementary school art class and the color wheel.

When creating the perfect dish, use complementary colors. A colorful, bright meal will look more appealing and taste better than a dull, colorless dish. To ensure that your cooking class stands out and that your students can find you more easily, you might consider focusing on a particular type of cuisine, a particular set of cooking skills, or cooking with certain ingredients.

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