How long does it take to complete a cooking training course?

Culinary Education Institute students graduate from diploma programs in 8 to 13 months. In Ohio, cooking classes and programs are generally offered at 2-year institutions. You can earn a culinary arts certificate with possible specializations available to bakers, personal chefs, or pastry artists in 1 year or less. You can also earn a 2-year associate degree in culinary arts with a pastry arts specialization available.

The programs are practical and some include internships. Read on to determine which program might fit your needs. The personal chef certification program can train you to work in a client's home, meet specific dietary needs, and cook for catering services. An important function of this program is to teach you how to create your own menu, design inventory control methods, maintain food storage, and work with a team of cooks.

What they forget to measure is how much more a qualified chef who has attended a cooking school or cooking school contributes to the kitchen than an unqualified cook. Those cooks or chefs who have not learned cooking skills, who have little or no experience in calculating food costs, controlling portions, the right technical skills, the correct use of equipment and the care of equipment, the speed due to practice, the right hygiene and storage practices that, in fact, save companies money.

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