What is the difference between a professional and amateur cooking training course?

If you just want a job as a cook, the culinary certificate will teach you enough skills to get an easy job at any local restaurant. But keep in mind that there's a difference between having a job and pursuing a full-fledged career and becoming a qualified chef in the hospitality field. The amateur course of cooking classes in Italy is, by definition, a type of course aimed mainly at all lovers of cooking and good food, who even want to try their luck in preparing first courses, main courses, appetizers, but also desserts and desserts. The objective of the courses for amateurs is to teach the techniques of Italian cuisine and discover the secrets of high-quality cuisine.

The training of a pastry chef (or pastry chef) is much more complicated, so only bakers who have completed that training can be considered chefs. Join us to cook together with some of your favorite chefs in your own mini-kitchen, with tools for cooking and baking, along with all the necessary ingredients (26 utensils for the class). Cooking also encompasses a wide variety of skills, and cooks often must multitask while preparing different parts of a dish. To understand the difference between a cook and a baker, you must first understand the fundamental differences between cooking and baking.

These programs, which consist of an eight-week hands-on approach, are a great way for home cooks and hobbyists to learn the art of cooking and baking. Those who already “cook well” because they are used to “making food” in the Bologna Cucina course learn the technique of cooking (cutting, timing, cooking), focus on details, refine precision and speed when cooking for friends at home or working in a restaurant. While this profession is certainly respected, an artisan baker is not considered a cook, since his training is not as extensive as that needed to become a true pastry chef. Cooking and baking come with unique challenges, so whether cooking or baking is more difficult depends on your skills and strengths.

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