What training do you need for cooking?

To enter the occupation, chefs and head cooks often need a high school diploma and experience. Some attend a culinary program at a community college, a technical school, a culinary arts school, or a 4-year university. Others learn through apprenticeship programs or in the Armed Forces. On-the-job training, certificate programs, and bachelor's and associate degree programs can prepare you to work as a cook.

Read on to learn more about training options. A chef helps train new staff, oversees cooking processes, develops menus and contributes to marketing decisions that affect the restaurant. Some cooking instructors earn degrees in education and augment their training with culinary arts classes. Less training is required to work as a line cook, compared to the training and experience needed for executive chefs.

Many certification programs include hands-on training in a restaurant or other location, working as a cook or chef. Training programs that lead to a career as a cook can be found at colleges and universities, or through apprenticeships with organizations such as culinary institutes, industry associations, and unions.

Wesley Niebaum
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